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FOX Sports Live to air Paul George Mother’s Day feature

FOX Sports Live to air Paul George Mother’s Day feature

For Pacers All-Star Paul George, family comes first. The Pacers take on the Wizards on Sunday night in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, but Sunday is also Mother’s Day, a day that has special meaning for George.

This Mother’s Day, FOX Sports Live will air a special feature on George’s bond with his mother. The special will air at 11:oo p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1. Paul, his mother Paulette, and sister sit down with FOX Sports 1’s Colleen Dominguez to talk about their family.

In the special, George details growing up as a self-proclaimed “mama’s boy,” and how his world turned upside down with his mom suffered a stroke when he was 10 years old. George recalls his emotions from that time in the excerpt below:

In an interview with HuffPost Healthy Living, George goes into further detail about how that event impacted his life. As a result of her stroke, Paulette was “practically bedridden for two years.”

“I was always there on hospital visits, right by her bed,” George recalls. “When she got a hospital bed in our home, I would lay in my bed right next to her. I was there. I saw all of it.”

To this day, Paulette still deals with the lingering effects of her stroke — she remains paralyzed on her left side — but she and her son have become advocates for raising awareness for treating and preventing strokes.

When Paul served as captain of the East team at All-Star Saturday Night in New Orleans in February, he made sure that the one of the two charities that received his team’s prize money was the American Heart Association.

And on a personal level, Paulette has been her son’s inspiration as he’s risen from an overlooked high school player to an emerging NBA superstar.

“I’ve always been underrated, and that always drove me to stay in the gym, to work hard and to continue to push myself the same way my mom had to fight through her adversity,” Paul told HuffPost Healthy Living. “Whenever I feel like I’ve had a bad day, I think about my mom and it just strengthens me. I’ve got to keep going hard for my momma.”

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