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Solomon Hill taking cautious approach with sore back

Solomon Hill taking cautious approach with sore back

Amongst the other injuries on the team, Solomon Hill is dealing with a sore back that first tightened up last week.

Hill, 23, has not played in the last three games and has not dressed for the last two. He opted to remain back in the locker room Sunday evening, as the Pacers played the Atlanta Hawks, so that he wouldn’t have to sit in the uncomfortable seats behind the bench and risk making his back worse.

The seldom-used rookie has seen the court in 26 games, but not for double-digit minutes since the first month of the season (Nov. 29, against Washington).

“I think I took a hit in practice and then sleeping in the soft beds (in Toronto) probably made it worse,” Hill said on Sunday. ”Some hotel beds are too soft and don’t support your back and spine.”

For that reason, the Pacers travel with “a bunch” of blow-out mattresses. Roy Hibbert uses one. Hill often does, but not this time. Initially, Hill didn’t think much of the pain, and expected it to go away later in the day. He was declared out before the Pacers lost to the Raptors Friday night. Then, not feeling much better, Hill and the training staff decided to proceed with a cautious approach and now have him dress for Sunday’s game, either.

“Especially at this point, you got to think: it’s towards the end of the season and C.J. [Watson] should be coming back soon, [Andrew] Bynum should be coming back soon,” said Hill. “I was on the road to being inactive so it’s not like I’m in a super rush to force it to get back. I’d rather take my time and fully recover and make sure my back is 100 percent.”

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