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Paul George on sleeved All-Star jerseys: ‘It’ll take some getting used to’

Paul George on sleeved All-Star jerseys: ‘It’ll take some getting used to’

The Pacers will be well-represented at the 2014 NBA All-Star game, which will be held in New Orleans — Danny Granger’s hometown — on Feb. 16. Frank Vogel and his coaching staff will head up the Eastern Conference All-Star team and Paul George will surely be a starter.

On Thursday, adidas unveiled the uniforms for both teams and for the first time, they’re going with the sleeved jerseys. Many teams around the league have tried them, including all ten teams that played on Christmas Day. The Pacers have not, so this will be George’s first time wearing a sleeved jersey.

“It’s different,” he said. “I’m not really fan of sleeves but it’s different.”

George is into fashion and he started to really develop his own style last year. Though he wears some bold and colorful shirts or pants, even George believes these are fashion-forward.

“The colors are a little wild,” he said. It’ll take some getting used to.”

As for coach Vogel’s take on the look: “I’m glad the coaching staff doesn’t have to wear them,” he joked.

“Anything that’s good for the league, I’m in favor of. I understand the business, I’m all for growing the business we’re in — the NBA brand.”

All-Star voting ends on Jan. 20 and starters will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 23. during a special on TNT. George and Roy Hibbert are expected to make it, while both David West and Lance Stephenson will need help from Eastern Conference coaches, who fill out the rest of the roster, in order to make the team.

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