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Sloan hosts Knockout Hunger Event, his first as a pro

Sloan hosts Knockout Hunger Event, his first as a pro

Donald Sloan is one of six new Pacers on the roster, but he’s quick to catch on. Monday evening, Sloan held his first event as a professional player—with the purpose to knockout hunger.

Kids at the Boys and Girls (Wheeler-Dowe Club) on E. 30th Street had the opportunity to play knockout against Sloan and two of his teammates that were on hand, Roy Hibbert and Solomon Hill. They were also treated to a Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Boston Market and Park 100 Foods. One by one, they then met the Pacers and received an autograph photo from each player.

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“Growing up, I spent a lot of my time at Boys & Girls Club all over Dallas,” Sloan said. “We wasn’t fortunate enough to have people come out to spend time with us like this. If anything I’m going to have my hand dropped in, it’s going to be Boys and Girls Club, boys homes, girls homes and stuff like that.”

The culture within the organization extends beyond the basketball floor. It’s about serving others, which Sloan noticed and is a mission he’s tried to take on himself.

“It’s professional here,” he said. “Any time you got guys that want to give back, have the opportunity to do it and people come out and are open to it, why not?”

On Monday alone, George Hill took part in the announcement of a new scholarship for IPS teachers, these players boosted the spirits of more than 150 kids and Paul George and Hill treated members of their G2 Zone to dinner. All this is in addition to practice, weight lifting, etc.

“I’m just following in the footsteps of LaMarcus Aldridge and the guys that I’m fortunate enough to be teammates with,” said Sloan, 25. “Look at George Hill. Before I even became part of the team, looking at the work he did over the summer in Haiti made me feel like I should to do it.”

Sloan remembered spending lots of time at the Boys and Girls Club in a gym very similar to the one where his event was held. It’s not everyday kids visit with NBA players. And Sloan remembered not having such experience, so not only did he want them to have a nice Thanksgiving meal, but he wanted them to have something he didn’t. And they were appreciative.

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