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Paul George recovering from rough week

Paul George recovering from rough week

Paul George was happy to be back at practice and amongst the guys Thursday afternoon. He had come down with bronchitis, and stuck at home all week since returning home Sunday night from the team’s trip to Asia.

“It’s been hell,” he said before showering and heading to the airport for the team’s flight to Chicago. “Just bed rest, really. A lot of time being at home being bored.”

Most of his days were spent just sitting around and watching television — not playing video games. Knowing George, that means he was sick as a dog. He was very appreciative that his parents were in town and able to take of their 23-year-old son. They did, however, fly home earlier Thursday.

“It was good to have them there to aid me,” he said.

According to MayoClinc.com, bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from your lungs. Dealing with bronchitis is something new for George, as he has never had it before. And obviously it’s no longer contagious, or he wouldn’t have re-joined the team.

During Thursday’s short practice, he did feel some of the effects — like shortness of breath.

“I had a 104-degree fever,” said George. “I had the chills and was sweating like crazy every time I napped. Yeah, I was bad. I was pretty bad.”

George figured the craziness of this last month was just a bad combination. In that time, he returned to Indianapolis, settled down in a new house, signed a five-year contract extension, and then flew over 16,000 miles with the team for games in both the Philippines and Taiwan.

“It was not being caught up on sleep,” George explained. “[Being in] the different time zones and then my body is just going through so much stuff. It just hit me. I’m still on Ambien to help me sleep at night. I wouldn’t say I’m as bad as some of these guys; I’m not George Hill up at 5 AM buying stuff on informercials. I’m shutting it down like 12 or 1 o’clock [in the morning], which is the usual for me. I’m getting back to where I should be.”

While the team played the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday evening, he was at home trying to get better. And even though the game wasn’t televised, he was following along closely.

The Pacers play back-to-back road games this weekend, first in Chicago on Friday and then in Cleveland on Saturday. Whatever minutes he plays, they’ll most likely be limited because the team will still have two more preseason contests to go before opening their 2013-14 campaign at home against Orlando on Oct. 29.

“I’m expecting to play in Chicago,” George said. “I hope to play in Chicago. I hope through this next 24 hours, I can feel a little bit better. I was trying to get going today and just trying to sweat it out. But my wind isn’t there and my chest is a little heavy. But hopefully, again, in 24 hours it’s out of my system.”

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