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Hill visits Haiti with Kids Against Hunger

Hill visits Haiti with Kids Against Hunger

In nearly every interview with George Hill, he’ll come around to using the word, “blessed.”

Blessed to be healthy; blessed to live in a great community; blessed to be in the NBA; blessed to be able to take care of himself and those close to him. He’s a faithful person and one that tries to bless others as often as he can.

Just a few recent instances: 1) he has a half-dozen AAU teams, the G3 Rising Stars, 2) he hosted a basketball camp down in Texas in July, 3) before a new year school year commenced last month, Hill provided school supplies and shoes to area youth, and 4) this past weekend, he held a skills camp for kids in Indianapolis.

Last week, the Pacers guard and a few others went down to Haiti, which is southeast of Florida and just west of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Partnering with Kids Against Hunger, the group went into Haiti to feed the community, spark smiles and play with the kids.

“It was awesome,” Hill said of his first visit down there. “Great experience, great overall feeling to see the kids smiling. It was just a true blessing.”

Earlier this year, Hill and dozens of volunteers packed more than 45,000 meals to ship to needy areas around the world.

Each morning, Hill conducted a basketball clinic. One of the days involved about 150 kids playing on an outdoor court in 108 degree weather with just two baskets. After speaking to them, he taught them about the game and played some fun games.

Soccer, not basketball, was actually the first sport Hill played growing up. The kids were thrilled when he joined them on the pitch - which wasn’t truly a field.

“The kids love the game of soccer out there and don’t have turf grounds or grass soccer fields,” said Hill. “They’re playing on hard dirt, and rocks and glass and they’re doing it without tennis shoes because they really can’t afford it. Just to see that was very eye opening and was a true blessing.”

More than just playing game, Hill’s group passed out food to families — enough for one month.

“I think the biggest glaring thing was the starvation and the malnourishment that is over there,” said Hill. “Doing that, after the Hurricane and Earthquake and things like that, really allow them to stand on their two feet [for the first time] since all that happened.

“I’ll be back there, soon next year.”

[Photos via Jim and Cheryl Warner]

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