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ChinaPacers.com Recreates More Great Moments in Pacers History

ChinaPacers.com Recreates More Great Moments in Pacers History

Every anniversary deserves celebration, right? ChinaPacers.com, home of China’s only and largest Pacers community, will be celebrating their 13th anniversary in July. About 30 people from all over China are flying in to participate in the gathering where they’ll play basketball, show off their team gear and share their favorite memories.

“Our passion came from Reggie Miller,” Holick Lee, the co-founder of ChinaPacers.com told Pacers.com. “Most of the fans in China are still following the Pacers are because of Reggie Miller. We admire his clutch-shots and the guts of being the enemy as a underdog.”

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One of the best parts of the gathering, according to Lee, is creating their own version of great moments in Pacers history. Lee, along with about a dozen have a new video out (as seen above) entitled, “Great Pacers Moment Recreation.” They do their best – a really good job, actually – to re-create and dramatize the plays.

In the most recent video, one guy acted as Flamingo Guy, a man who sits courtside at Pacers games and tries to disrupt the opposing team by holding up signs. When the team played in China back in 2009, he left them the sign ”And the Crowd Goes Wild.” They managed to find a yellow helmet and even that act translated.

“There’s not many Pacers fans in China, as we are always the minority,” Lee said. “However, we enjoy being the underdog.”

Many of the highlights they re-enacted came against the New York Knicks, who the Pacers face in the second round of the 2013 Playoffs. ChinaPacers.com and the rest of the Pacers faithful in China hope more memories are created in the series. Then, they’ll just have to create another video.

The site was launched on July 20, 2000.

Their first video, created in 2011, of re-enacting great moments in Pacers’ history includes: 1) Reggie Miller’s eights points in 8.9 seconds which led the Pacers to a 107-105 victory in Game 1 of the 19995 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Knicks; 2) Reggie’s game-winning 3-pointer after he shoved Michael Jordan in the 19998 Eastern Conference Finals; 3) Reggie’s 3-pointer that he banked in at New Jersey in the first round of the 2002 playoffs.

Watch their debut video below:

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