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Hill Releases Song – ‘All Gold Everything Pacers’

Hill Releases Song – ‘All Gold Everything Pacers’

Hometown hero, NBA player and now rapper? George Hill wrote and rapped on a new single about the Pacers, just in time for the playoffs.

The idea to create a song belonged to Amp Harris, a friend of Hill’s and a local event promoter. Earlier this week, Hill spent time with Comisce, another one of his friends, to write the song. On Thursday, they finalized the lyrics, laid down a beat and the final creation was made. He said the whole process was completed in less than 48 hours. They were in a bit of a hurry because Mike Epps, an actor and comedian also from Indianapolis who’s also on the track, had to head out of town for work.

The song made its debut on Central Indiana radio on Friday.

“With Mike Epps and I being from here, we thought it would be a good collaboration,” Hill told Pacers.com. “We just had fun and tried to interact with the fans and get the fans involved. That’s what we tried to do.”

An excerpt:
“All I bleed is blue / old-school but it’s new / shout out to Broad Ripple because I do this for you / I started from the bottom, 34th is my home / my jump shot is too sweet and it tastes just like Long’s / a trey-ball or layup, to me it’s all the same / it feels like the West Rink when I’m skating all in that lane”

[UPDATE: 5/10: The music video has arrived. Watch below:]

Listen below, or click here:


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