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Hunger Possibly Averted Injury in Boston

Hunger Possibly Averted Injury in Boston

A rookie’s craving for chicken and biscuits may have prevented four Pacers players, in Boston to play the Celtics, from being around the finish line of the Boston Marathon at the time of the two explosions.

Paul George, Orlando Johnson, Sam Young and David West were walking around the city after attending the Red Sox game as a team function. Around 1:20 in the afternoon, 90 minutes before the first bomb went off, Paul George pointed out a Popeyes restaurant. That’s when first-year guard Orlando Johnson spoke up and said he wanted some.

With the visual of a nice meal in their heads, they decided to go. Otherwise, as Paul George explained, the guys were planning to go to the finish line and cheer the runners on. One decision – a random desire – kept the guys away from the unfortunate events that took place.

“It’s a tragedy,” George said of the marathon bombings, which later caused the NBA to cancel their game on Tuesday — rightfully so. “It was just crazy that a couple of us were there to watch the Boston Marathon. Had we not decided to leave, we would of been caught in that mess. It’s just unfortunate that people do things like that.”

[Photo via Sam Young]

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