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Putting NBA games in perspective

Putting NBA games in perspective

Basketball games are always meaningless when weighed against human tragedy such as the one that occurred in Boston Monday morning. The Pacers’ game against the Celtics that was scheduled for Tuesday night was even more meaningless than most, and that’s why the NBA’s decision to cancel it was correct.

This will mark the first time a Pacers game has ever been canceled without being rescheduled since the franchise was formed in 1967. It won’t be missed. The Pacers and Celtics both have secured their playoff seeds in the Eastern Conference – the Pacers will be third and the Celtics will be seventh – and Tuesday’s game would not have changed that. The city of Boston has greater issues to worry about this week. The Pacers, meanwhile, can return home earlier, get a little more rest, and play out Wednesday’s final home game against Philadelphia.

The Pacers have lost four of their last five games, so coach Frank Vogel can either use the final game as a tool for reminding his team how to win again, or to rest his starters and play the reserves, as he did last season when Lance Stephenson played a career-high 34 minutes and scored a career-high 22 points in the final game against Chicago.

One could argue for either approach, but why even debate the topic? Let that game serve as a reminder how fortunate we are to have such relatively meaningless events as basketball games to distract us from the harsh realities of today’s world, where a crazy person or group of people can take innocent lives for no just cause. Basketball games, like all professional sporting events, are a privilege. They are displays of the nation’s freedom and relative prosperity, and our desire to compete and achieve.

In that regard, they are not meaningless.

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