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George Hill Reveals Personality, Interests on Radio Show

George Hill Reveals Personality, Interests on Radio Show

George Hill is quiet by nature. So when the soft-spoken Indianapolis native talks, everybody listens.

This season, Hill – who’s in his fifth NBA season and second with the Pacers – decided to get out of his comfort zone and hold court on his own radio show.

“I just wanted to do something creative and fun,” he said. “It’s something that I like to do as far as just being funny in the community. I also want people to know who I am off the court, not as a basketball player. It shows a different side of me.”

There’s no doubt, that’s been the best part of it. Of course they hit on basketball items like his play, Danny Granger’s absence and the teams’ success, but the memorable topics go beyond basketball.

“There’s just so much to George Hill that we don’t see when you watch the Pacers every night,” said Derek Schultz, who co-hosts ‘Query & Schultz’ weekdays from 3-7 PM on WNDE in Indianapolis. “He likes to fish. He used to own a horse as a kid. He rode a horse up 34th & Keystone, which is hard to even make a mental picture of. There’s so much that goes on with what he does that’s outside of sports.”

Hill has opened up on a number of topics while speaking on his show and to the gathered audience on site. Those who’ve listened, have gained a new perspective of the local product.

“I knew George when he was at Broad Ripple,” Jake Query explained. “I remember reading the paper thinking ‘this guy is averaging 36 [points] per game, why aren’t we hearing more about him?’ Maybe it’s because he was at Broad Ripple. But then, I also don’t think it’s his nature to boast about it. And then once we got to know him … I’ve realized that basketball is really just one part of who he is.

“He’s a very grounded kid that has not forgotten where he came from.”

Hill is loyal, and a family man. He’s a kid at heart. While others may be watching NFL or college basketball games, Hill is with his family or taking part in competitively fun activities, like dodgeball.

He’s not even a big sports fan. He didn’t watch Monday’s NCAA men’s basketball title game, and it took him a few seconds to recall what two teams were even in it. Hill would much rather be sitting on the water and fishing — one of his favorite hobbies.

“I’m sure a lot of people didn’t think I have those types of interests, especially the country music,” said Hill, who’s not afraid to sing, either. “That’s what you get when you finally get to know somebody outside of basketball. [The radio show] is a great way for everybody to see who I am.”

Fans in attendance are very appreciative of Hill’s willingness, too.

“I now know he likes to fish, what it is like to play in different arenas and cities from an NBA player’s perspective, and what he likes most about playing in front of the hometown fans,” said Area-55 member Scott Roosa. “I like the interaction that George Hill allows to happen with his radio show.”

The fourth and final show of the season will be tomorrow, Thursday, from 5-7 PM at HP Winners Circle, located just a couple blocks north of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. If you can’t make it, it can be heard on 1260-AM WNDE.

Many professional athletes, like former Pacers Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, and Austin Croshere, stay with the game after retirement by moving to broadcasting but Hill made it clear, he has no intentions of doing that.

“Definitely not. I’m far away from basketball as possible when I’m done.”

[Photo via WNDE]

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