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Hibbert Responds to Wall’s ‘Soft’ Comment

Hibbert Responds to Wall’s ‘Soft’ Comment

Roy Hibbert didn’t like what Washington Wizard’s point guard John Wall said about the Pacers big men after they played Saturday night. Hibbert admitted that the Pacers didn’t play well enough to win and didn’t deserve to win. But he also took exception to Wall calling him out, along with the Pacers’ other frontline guys.

Unprovoked, Hibbert brought out the ‘soft’ comment before getting to the punch line.

“[Washington] went out there and they played hard. John Wall was determined to get around our “soft” bigs, I guess,” he said. “You have to tip your hat off to those guys. They’re changing their season around before they go fishing.

“[Wall] can say what he wants to say. He’s entitled to it. He’s a good player. We have a chance to compete for a championship. They have a chance to compete for the No.1 pick.”

The Pacers (48-29) are Central Division Champs, and they beat the Wizards in each of their first three contests this season. In fact, they had won nine-consecutive meetings until Saturday. The Wizards’ record, 29-48, is the exact opposite of the Pacers’.

Here’s exactly what Wall said after the game: “Just coming out, we talked about it before the game that their bigs were playing soft. My bigs did a great job setting screens. I came out focused tonight and I was able to knock down shots right away.”

[UPDATE: 6:45 PM EST – The two have since talked (and tweeted), and are on the same page.]


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