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Granger’s Season Over

Granger’s Season Over

The Indiana Pacers were hopeful that Danny Granger would return to the court during the four-game road trip they’re currently on. His left knee, which has given him problems dating back to the 2012 Playoffs, is not cooperating.

After consulting with the team’s medical staff and Dr. James Andrews, and conservative treatment options couldn’t alleviate the soreness, surgery on his left knee has been determined to be the next step.

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Granger had participated in practice over the last week and those that watched were encouraged by his play. Obviously, his conditioning and timing wasn’t quite there, but that would have come with more on-court participation.

Heading into the West Coast trip, Frank Vogel said both Granger and the team couldn’t afford any further complications this season. Essentially, this was his last shot.

“If he re-injures it or it flares up really bad again, then you got to look at some alternatives,” said Vogel. “I don’t want to use the term ‘shutting him down,’ but you’re at that time. We’re definitely hoping that we don’t have any setbacks.”

Clearly, his left knee did not respond well and they likely exhausted all of the treatment options, without any of them doing the trick.

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Granger has declined nearly all media requests this season.

The Pacers have played the majority of the season with Granger, who had led the team in scoring in each of the last five seasons. In his absence, Paul George became an All-Star, Lance Stephenson has stepped up big time as a starter and George Hill has been a constant at the point guard position.

The Pacers were hoping that Granger would return, play around 20 minutes a game and, at the minimum, assist a second unit whose production has been down. The team chemistry is already great and I’m sure both the coaches and players are glad to finally have an answer – albeit not the answer they’d like – to questions about Granger that they are asked on a daily basis.

As the regular season tipped on Oct. 31st with Granger listed as ‘out indefinitely’, the Pacers struggled and took 10 games to get going. They began the season 3-6.

The Pacers have beaten Miami and New York twice, they nearly swept division rival Chicago, won 15-straight at home and already clinched a playoff spot for the third season in a row. All that, without Granger.

Now, it’s about moving on. It’s about the 14 other players, the guys that have taken care of business on the hardwood this season and have put the Pacers near the top of the Eastern Conference. The Pacers have established themselves as a physical, defensive-minded team that is ranked No. 1 in fewest points allowed and defensive field goal percentage.

Even though Granger is out, it is my guess that he’ll remain around the team and stay involved. George has credited Granger for staying in his ear and helping him have the breakout season that he’s had this season.

Granger has one year left under contract, worth $14,021,788, per HoopsHype.com. Until this season, he had played in all but 48 regular-season games over seven seasons.

Granger’s Timeline of Events:
May: The injury first came about, in their playoff series with Miami
Late Sept.: Tried a platelet-rich plasma procedure ahead of training camp
Oct. 30: Out indefinitely
Nov. 6: Received an injection to treat left patellar tendinosis from Dr. James Andrews
Feb. 23: Made his first regular-season appearance in Detroit, after missing the first 55 games
Mar. 3: Played 8 minutes in the first half vs. the Bulls, but didn’t return in the second after landing awkwardly on his knee after a jump shot
Mar. 6: An MRI revealed no new damage on his sore left knee. Rest and continued treatment advised for the next two weeks
Mar. 28: Declared out for the season, will undergo surgery

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