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Reaction From Gerald Green’s 3-pointer

Reaction From Gerald Green’s 3-pointer

Ten days ago, Gerald Green wasn’t even in the rotation at the wing spot. He saw limited action, seven minutes total, in two of 11 games. Head Coach Frank Vogel finally decided, “it’s time.”

In three of the five games since his return he’s led the team in scoring, though the first two games were against two of the worst three teams in the league — Cleveland and Orlando. In a 100-94 victory over Atlanta on Monday, Green finished with a team-high 19 points, six rebounds and zero turnovers in 23 minutes.

In addition to his handful of high-flying finishes at the rim, Green’s questionable shot is most memorable.

Up four with 38 seconds to go, D.J. Augustin stole the ball away from John Jenkins and then threw it to Green in the right corner. As everybody was thinking ‘run the clock,’ Green fired away. And fortunately for both he and the Pacers, it went in. The 3-pointer put the team in front by seven and they held on for the win.

The ‘Television Voice of the Pacers,’ Chris Denari, said on the the broadcast, “What are you doing?” when Green let it fly.

Vogel’s look was priceless. Looking on from mid-court, he raised his arms and likely felt the same way.

“It’s not a bad shot if it goes in,” he simply stated afterwards.

As for Green’s take: “It definitely was a questionable shot, I would have to agree. I had hit a couple shots. I like taking those type of shots. I like taking big shots. I knew it was going to be a shot to where if I hit it, it was going to put us in a good situation to win the game. I’m just glad that I made it.

“Honestly, I think that it would have happened again, I probably wouldn’t take that shot. I like to take big shots. Obviously, I haven’t been in that situation a lot of times to take big shots but I want that type of challenge.”

And the reaction from two usual starters:

“When he’s ready to shoot, and he doesn’t have to look down and check where the three-point line is, he’s dangerous,” said All-Star Paul George. “It’s kind of one of those wait-wait-wait shots. I got the confidence that he would have made that shot. It was was a gutsy shot, but we’ll roll with it.”

Said Roy Hibbert: “I was like, you know, I have a feeling that this is going to be a good ending. I thought he was going to make that one so I’m happy he made it and finished the game for us.”

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