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What They’re Saying: Jan. 23

What They’re Saying: Jan. 23

Blazer’s Edge Blog: “Nobody scores on the Pacers, let alone a team as streaky as the Blazers. Indiana would seem to have every road to point production blocked.”  Read More

Mile High Sports: “The Indiana Pacers are becoming the San Antonio Spurs of the East.”  Read More

Toronto Star: “The Pacers got some much-needed hardcore experience in the playoffs last spring, if they can avoid any serious injuries in the second half of the season, their surprising run to a top four slot in the East should continue.”  Read More

Yahoo! Sports: “Don’t sleep on the Pacers, who are now 8-3 in January with wins over Miami, New York and Memphis.”  Read More

Indy Cornrows: “The game tonight will, however present a nice opportunity for the blue and gold to show some of that killer instinct they flash at home by beating a desperate Portland team on their home court.”  Read More

Red94 Blog: “The Pacers, Bulls, Grizzlies, Warriors, and Spurs are all reaping the benefits of investing in ambitious coaches who create winning cultures, and in players who work as hard, and are committed to their team’s vision of success.”  Read More

UConn Daily Campus: “If you haven’t seen the Pacers play yet this season, you need to find yourself on a couch and watch their next game.”  Read More

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