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George Hill’s Triple-double Has a Double Meaning

George Hill’s Triple-double Has a Double Meaning

George Hill felt shorted after the Pacers game on Friday. He was after an elusive triple-double but the official scorer had him one rebound shy.

Seconds after the final buzzer sounded and before he left the court, Hill voiced his displeasure with team PR ace David Benner because he believed he achieved the rare feat. The stats crew then went to the tape to take another look, all the way back to the second quarter, and found a rebound by Hill was credited to Roy Hibbert instead.

“They found it in the back pocket,” Hill said positively. “I knew there was one they forget, with 1:41 left in the second quarter. Roy and David were playing volleyball down there and I just went to go take it. That’s what they didn’t count.”

His line on the boxscore read: 15 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists. Hill’s first career triple-double.

So what does it mean to the fifth-year player to finally have one?

“It’s an accomplishment when you get that because not a lot of people have gotten triple-doubles. It just gives me great confidence that I can continue to try and do that.”

It was Hill’s special night that contributed to a 95-85 win over the Sixers. It was Hill’s 3-pointer that provided the dagger with 36.9 seconds left. And it was Hill’s triple-double performance that aids his hometown community.

Indiana Members Credit Union already donates a backpack to city kids whenever he makes a free throw. They also agreed to donate 1,000 backpacks for every triple-double by Hill.

So he was right after all, and deserving of a triple-double. And maybe, in the back of his mind, he wanted it for the kids. He’s happy and most importantly, another 1,000 kids will have backpacks because of his play.

Hill walked out of the locker room full of pride after the win and his memorable night, knowing that his big game will positively impact more Indianapolis kids.

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